The septum is a cartilaginous structure or partition that separates the right nasal cavity from the left nasal cavity. It is usually straight but can bulge into either nasal cavity and cause decreased airflow and breathing problems. This is referred to as a deviated septum.

At your personal consultation with Dr. Lo, he will ask you if you have any of the following symptoms:

  1.    Breathing problems- less airflow on the right side of the nose, left side of the nose or both sides
  2.    Breathing problems at rest and with exertion or exercise
  3.    History of nasal trauma- If you have had an injury to your nose, this can definitely cause a deviated septum and breathing problems
  4.    History of nose bleeds and nasal crusting
  5.    Sinus headaches, sinus infections
  6.    Snoring
  7.    Sleep Apnea symptoms

As part of your examination, Dr. Lo will determine if you have a deviated septum and require a Septoplasty during your rhinoplasty surgery. Addressing the septum during your nose surgery is very important not only to improve your breathing, but it can also prevent future breathing issues.  Improving the dorsal septum, is also necessary to straighten out a crooked nose.

During your rhinoplasty surgery, Dr. Lo will evaluate your septum and perform a Septoplasty as necessary to give you the best result possible.

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