Dr. Lo’s Philosophy

Dr. Lo believes that a good looking nose should have a natural appearance and be proportionate to one’s face. A nose should not be the most prominent feature of a person’s face but be natural looking, soft and blend in with the facial features.

The nose should be smooth and balanced from top to bottom, beginning with the nasal pyramid, with normal width of the nasal bridge, a smooth profile and ending with a proportionate nasal tip and nostrils. It is important that breathing through your nose be as normal as possible.


Preserving Natural Form and Function

Dr. Lo’s rhinoplasty surgical technique improves the appearance of the nose while preserving normal structures and function. Dr. Lo believes that many rhinoplasty patients in the past have had nose surgeries performed by other surgeons that have been too aggressive and have not preserved form or function. Techniques have been used that have not withstood the test of time and caused problems in the future. This has caused an “operated look”, breathing problems and a poor cosmetic appearance. Dr. Lo’s approach is to perform a “minimally invasive” nose job while preserving maximum form and function. Only the areas of cosmetic concern are addressed during surgery without disrupting other areas.

During your consultation, Dr. Lo will discuss your cosmetic concerns with you and determine the best surgical plan to achieve your goals. You will have a second opportunity to speak with Dr. Lo again, prior to surgery, at your pre-surgery appointment usually around 2 weeks before surgery. At this appointment, both you and Dr. Lo will make sure that you are both on the same page for desired results.