It’s more common that you’d think!

When men come to see Philadelphia rhinoplasty surgeon, Dr. Adrian Lo, they are unhappy with the appearance of their nose. Common complaints include feeling that their nose is too large, disliking the side or profile view, bulbous or large tip or a droopy tip. The nostrils may be too large as well. Breathing may also be decreased. Many men have had previous injury or trauma to their nose and this has to be factored in for the rhinoplasty procedure. There are special considerations when it comes to performing rhinoplasty surgery in the male patient. Dr. Lo understands and is experienced in male nose reshaping surgery. During your consultation, you will share your concerns and goals with Dr. Lo. He will devise a personal surgical plan for your rhinoplasty procedure to get you the results that you desire. Dr. Lo will be honest and realistic with you about your surgical results and will improve the size, shape and function of your nose.

The top cosmetic concerns of Dr. Lo’s male rhinoplasty patients:

  1. My nose is too large.
  2. I do not like my profile or side view. I have a bump which is called a “dorsal hump” or my side view is convex.
  3. My nose is not straight on the front view. It’s crooked.
  4. The tip of my nose is bulbous.
  5. The tip of my nose droops.

The most important consideration is to achieve your goals and still have a strong and masculine nose that is natural looking and proportionate to your face. You still want to look like you, but with a better suited nose to your face. Dr. Lo is known for achieving a nice, new nose without looking like you have had a “nose job”, a common concern men have.