For women coming to see Dr. Adrian Lo for rhinoplasty surgery, they have very specific concerns for improvement of their nose. The nose is a central important feature of the face and ideally should be proportionate, natural and soft looking.

  1. A nose should be proportionate to your face. Your nose should not be too big or too small, and ideally fit your face. It should look    balanced with the rest of your features.
  2. A nose ideally should be natural looking. You do not want your nose to have an operated look. You do not want your nose to be too    narrow or your tip too pinched.  Your new nose should look soft and blend in naturally with your face and seem like that’s the nose you  were born with.
  3. You should still look like you! But with a beautiful nose.

The top cosmetic concerns of Dr. Lo’s women rhinoplasty patients.

  1. I don’t like my profile or side view. I want the bump (dorsal hump) removed to have a smooth straight profile.
  2. I would like to have a more refined tip.
  3. I would like my nose to be smaller and fit my face.
  4. My tip droops and I would like this to be corrected.

By listening to your concerns and goals, Dr. Lo will devise a personal surgical plan to achieve the results that you desire.