What to expect from the day of surgery to the final result of your Rhinoplasty surgery.

Now that your exploring rhinoplasty, and taking the next steps – let’s take a look.

Your rhinoplasty surgery is performed at either the accredited Pennsylvania Hospital located at 8th and Spruce Streets or the Tuttleman Center, which is Pennsylvania Hospitals surgery center located at 19th and South Streets, Philadelphia, PA.


Dr. Lo and his staff will help prepare you for your surgery and be there every step of the way. He will call you the night of surgery to see how you are doing and go over how the surgery went with you. He follow the progress of your surgery through Tammy, his medical assistant who will also be in close contact with you via the phone and email/texting, until it is time for your first post-op visit with Dr. Lo. At your first post-op, Dr. Lo will remove the nose splint and he might remove sutures. A week later, you will return to visit with Dr. Lo to track your progress and guide you with regards to what types of activities you may resume, and when. It would be common for you to come again one month after this visit, and then three months after that one. At that point, Dr. Lo will advise that you come see him at any point in the future if you feel you need to.